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possible EVS projects in Spain with Language Exchange Club

Saludos a todos!

We want to send several Ukrainians to Spain to work on projects to create language exchange clubs like ours in Kyiv . The Language Exchange Club will soon begin work on an application through European Voluntary Service of the EU's Youth in Action Programme.

Travel and living expenses would be paid by the European Union's Youth in Action program. It might be a short term or long term project, and sometime in the next 18 months. The best candidate will have an intermediate level of English and Spanish, as well as fluency in Russian and Ukrainian. And of course, the most important factor is an active interest in language exchange!

We cannot tell you the dates now, but we want to learn which members of our club might be interested. We will make every effort to set the dates for 3-4 during the months when our members are available.  For more information see the link below. 

Please write to me if you are interested.  I may not see messages in this discussion forum or in the Spanish group, so please click on my name and then send a message.

All the best,
John Carragee
Language Exchange Club Kyiv

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