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Hi, can anyone tell me if this group still meets on Mondays at Pusata Hata? Дякую!

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There are Ukrainian speaking club meetings at other place twice a week

Дякую Andy. I will join the Інститут Сковороди Ukrainian group on Saturday, as I am not a beginner. Do you know by any chance if this group on Mondays is also meeting? I would like to practice before Saturday also :)

На жаль, не знаю. Востаннє аж кілька років тому був на цій понеділковій зустрічі.

Hi Nicholas,

Have you been attending the Monday group recently?


Hi Keleigh. No I haven't. I go to the speaking club meetings run by volunteers from the Skovoroda Institute at the Ivan Honchar Museum on Saturdays (4pm). There are also meetings on Wednesdays for beginners as well. This is their website.

Great thanks for that. I think I will try both.




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