Language Exchange Club Kyiv

Meet for conversation or tandem partnering

'LEC' stands for 'Language Exchange Club'

What is LEC?

LEC is a network whose main activity is to organize regular conversation meetings ("speaking clubs") where participants can practice different languages. The core values of the Language Exchange Club (LEC) are:

  • Languages. LEC meetings are open to anyone interested in languages.
  • Exchange. Participants to LEC meetings actively help one another to practice languages.
  • Volunteering. LEC meetings are organized by volunteers. Anyone can help with the organization.

LEC meetings are free of charge and not trying to promote any commercial activity. Participants don't have to register on the websites to come to the meetings. 

Participants who can afford it are encouraged to buy something from the cafeterias and cafes where most LEC meetings take place in Kyiv (so that they accept LEC gatherings - there is no commercial benefit for LEC).


When you visit a meeting of LEC, you will find...

When you visit a conversation meeting of LEC, you will find people around tables who speak the language of the meeting. They may have a topic to discuss or not. The meetings are informal and participants meet like friends do when they go to a café together.

It's important to keep in mind that the meetings are not a class, and no one prepares a formal lesson. There are no set "teachers" or "lecturers" and everyone can help other people practice a language they know better).

The meetings are most profitable if you already have a basic conversational level but beginners may find the meetings interesting too as long as they don't expect a "class" to be held. Some just listen, some come with exercises and textbooks. A pen and notebook may be useful to write new vocabulary or expressions: as a matter of fact, the conversations often jump to explanations about the language which is used (how do you say that? why do you say like this?).

The example of LEC Tbilisi: English / по-русски


What LEC meetings achieve...

Over its eight years of existence, LEC has consistently gathered together people who recognize the positive role that languages play or can play in their lives:

  • Hundreds of regular participants have improved or are currently improving their proficiency in the languages they aim to speak ;
  • Through the practice of languages, the meetings of LEC encourage intercultural communication and awareness ;
  • The meetings are also a great opportunity for participants who live locally to meet new people in their area or for travellers to meet people when they arrive in a new city and don't know anyone.

About the history of LEC

The Language Exchange Club (LEC) was started in April 2009 in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, by 2 Ukrainians, 1 Frenchman and 1 American who met to speak different languages. They put tremendous effort into advertising their meetings and answering personally to anyone who showed an interest in their new venture. The meetings proved successful and the community grew quickly.

Six months later, in November 2009, the founders described for the first time their vision of a vibrant community for cultural and language exchange involving locals and foreigners across Europe. Efforts were put into proposing the concept of LEC in other cities (Lviv, Krakow and many others).

Much time has passed since that first meeting in April 2009. In early 2012, the club organized some 20 meetings every week in some 15 languages in Kyiv, Ukraine. Language meetings have been taking place in some 20 cities across Ukraine, Poland and other European countries


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