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Meet for conversation or tandem partnering

How to create an event?

Guidelines about LEC Events

We welcome new events which are:

  • free of charge and not trying to promote any commercial activity
  • open to anyone with the motivation to practice languages
  • promoting the practising of languages
  • promoting exchanges between participants


Please note in particular that organizers may not gain any commercial or commercial-minded benefit from the event. To ensure that, we kindly request that events posted on Ning abide by the following conditions:

  • For a free event: no money is paid to the organizers. The participants decide whether they want to spend money in the restaurant / café (for example to buy a drink or food if they can because the place have to run a business and we want them to keep letting us organizing events there!).
  • For an event with a fee, such as movie night or a cultural event: (i) this event must be exceptional (i.e. non-regular) ; (ii) the organizers must not benefit from the event. In particular, no money should be paid by the participants to the organizers (payment directly to the movie theater or the museum) ; and (iii) the fee must be clearly stated when advertising the event.

We have had controversial events posted on Ning in the past (not clearly free, asking the participants to register for the event, promoting divisive ideas, etc.). These events will be dealt with on a case basis. If you are not sure about an event you'd like to post, please contact us at infodesk.lec [at] before you post your event.


To create your own event on the website NING

Click on the tab “Events”, then in the right corner you will see the tab "+Add". Click on it and fill in the event information (click here for an example): 

  • Event type can typically be "conversation meeting".
  • Check the starting and ending dates and times carefully!
  • Website can be a link to a map, a link to the website of the venue or a link to the Group on Ning to which the event belongs.
  • We often "Disable RSVP" because the answers we get don't reflect who will effectively participate.


Check the volunteering page if you would like to create a new group: we welcome new groups whose organizers are motivated to be part of a community trying to promote language exchanges.

Advanced version of these instructions for organizers of LEC >>> here

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