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Kyiv & Other Cities

The objective of LEC has always been to get people to meet in real life rather than just over the Internet. To maximise LEC's reach, several websites are therefore used to advertise the language meetings.

Check the links below to find out more about LEC's conversation meetings nearest to you:

Last updated: 2012-03-14


Kyiv ( & FB, also CS)

Lviv (FB & VK)

Kharkiv (FB)

Zaporizhzhya (VK)

Simferopol (FB)

Cherkassi (FB)


Krakow (FB & CS)

Poznan (FB & CS)

Wroclaw (FB & CS)

Gdansk (CS)

Katowice (FB)

Rzeszów (FB)


Barcelona (FB)

Valencia (FB & CS)


Leipzig (FB & LEC-le & CS)

Offenbach/Frankfurt am Main (FB)


Belgrade (CS & FB)


Lille (FB & other website)


Tbilisi (FB & CS)
Gori (FB)

United Kingdom

Manchester (FB)

Greece Athens (FB)
Argentina Tucuman (FB)
Date of last update: May 30, 2017.

FB = Facebook ; CS = Couchsurfing ; VK = Vkontakte

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