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The Language Exchange Club relies on volunteers to organize and run meetings. If you are motivated and if you accept the principles of LEC, you can help.

There are many ways to contribute to LEC depending on your interests and your availability: volunteering can mean organizing a new group, helping another organizer to run conversation meetings, contributing to time-limited projects or to matters of general organization of the club.

To get involved: contact the organizers of the LEC meetings you know!


Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering at LEC is an excellent way to expand your network: you'll get to know many more people. You will be the person everyone knows for whatever work you do at LEC. Our volunteers are also part of a community of organizers who meet regularly and share experiences and sometimes issues they face so that they can look for answers together.

Significant volunteering contributions to LEC won't only give you experience in dealing with people and groups, they also are valuable additions to your CV for employers or educational institutions in your country or abroad.

Additionally, by volunteering for LEC, you will set an example for other members of the club. It's a way to make a direct contribution to civil society in your country.

Volunteering abroad

In order to achieve the vision of a vibrant community for cultural and language exchange involving both locals and foreigners across Europe, LEC sends volunteers abroad to start new language exchange clubs.

In particular, LEC has successfully sent volunteers from Ukraine to Barcelona and Leipzig in 2010 and to Valencia in 2011.

  • Olesia went to Barcelona in the summer of 2010. Result: LEC Barcelona.
  • Elena went to Leipzig in the autumn of 2010. Result: LEC Leipzig.
  • Zhanna went to Valencia in the spring of 2011. Result: LEC Valencia.
  • Antonina went to Athens in the summer of 2012 to work for a cultural association but also to start language meetings there. Result: LEC Athens.

LEC is eager to establish contacts with NGOs who are interested in language exchange activities or in the benefits which language exchange meetings can bring them (language activities can increase an NGO's involvement with local communities or improve its visibility).


More about the Language Exchange Club (LEC) >>> click here.

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