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A Weekend in Zaporizhzhya

OK, this is the world's least interesting blog. I give no context, no vivid descriptions, no photos. I merely jot down a few things to remind myself of what has been happening with the Club.

But this is pretty big.

Marina Trofimenko, who has written to us many times from Zaporizhzhya, is now the leader of our efforts to form a Club in that city. All through the months of May… Continue

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Back in Kyiv

I'm back in Kiev. Visit to family was great.

And it was very exciting to see the work starting on our Language Exchange Club in Lviv and Krakow. Lot's of work to do. Especially to learn how the European Voluntary Service works and whether it would be a good way for us to fund coordinators in major cities across Ukraine, Poland, and perhaps other countries.

These last week I have been working with Piotr in Krakow and Iryna, our new full-time employee in Kyiv. This will keep… Continue

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Leaving Kiev today for two weeks

I leave Kiev at around midnight tonight for Lvov and then Krakow, and then two weeks in the US with my children and my old friends in Philadelphia.

While I'm away I will continue working on the Language Exchange Club. It's time to start preparing a solid plan for Clubs all across Ukraine.

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Groups and Sub-Groups

One member suggested that we should have a Group for each Language and a sub-group for each location, for instance Russian on the Right Bank and Russian on the Left Bank.

This was a good question and it made me articulate my own opinion:

Ning does not allow us to create sub-groups in this sense. From the perspective of our Group on Facebook, these are sub-groups, but in Ning they are all Groups (no sub-groups or super-groups). But for a different… Continue

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invitations and friend requests

This is not a bug and it won't affect us if we decide to use Ning, but it something I did not intuitively expect.

If we set up the social network as "private" so that people need an invitation to join, then the invitation itself becomes a Friend request. So when Thomas joined this morning he made me a friend without further action on my part.

But if we "invite" all of the Facebook users, it's possible we will find that they have all become our "Friends" here. So we may… Continue

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Exploring other Social Networks

There is a social networking platform called Ning that allows anyone to establish their own social network. I am testing it to see how the features work. One feature allows blog posts to be shared to Facebook, and so I will see if that works.

I am now signed in as John Carragee, the Creator of a social network that I have called "Language Exchange Club Kiev."

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testing blog post

We could use a welcome message and explain why we left Facebook.

также по русский

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