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OK, this is the world's least interesting blog. I give no context, no vivid descriptions, no photos. I merely jot down a few things to remind myself of what has been happening with the Club.

But this is pretty big.

Marina Trofimenko, who has written to us many times from Zaporizhzhya, is now the leader of our efforts to form a Club in that city. All through the months of May and June, Marina responded to the Facebook invitations of the Language Exchange Club Kyiv. She was always with us in spirit. She would answer "Yes, I'm attending" which was not really untrue, but rather like a kid looking into a toy store through the shop window.

Marina and I tried to meet when she was working over the summer as a lifeguard near Washington, DC. and I visited my family near Ocean City, Maryland. Didn't work. Then Marina tried to visit one of our meetings in Kyiv when she returned to Ukraine on her way to Zaporizhzhya. Didn't work out.

Now, this weekend I will visit Marina and her friends. I hope to see some of the professors from her university, attend one of her French classes, meet the Dean of the Foreign Language Faculty, and try to imbibe the meaning of the Club to people in this city in the middle of Ukraine.

Of course, I don't know the meaning of the Club either. There is a hope that it will foster generosity and sharing through the simple human exchange of language. This seems a modest and a grand ambition at the same time.

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Comment by Marina Trofimenko on December 14, 2009 at 2:19pm
John, it was so pleasant for me to read this such an interesting story, especially after your visit to Zaporizhzhya;))
Actually, one of your phrase I liked the most and it was really true other days, so this one: "She would answer "Yes, I'm attending" which was not really untrue, but rather like a kid looking into a toy store(LEC Kiev;))) through the shop window(staying in my native city Zaporizhzhya at that very moment;)))))."
But now I feel like a kid who is inside this wonderful and so exciting TOY STORE which is called LEC Zaporizhzhya!!!!!! Thanks to John, Ira and every member of our great CLUB, of course:)))
Comment by John Carragee on December 14, 2009 at 3:11pm
And I greatly enjoyed the weekend as well. Yes, Marina, you have the spirit to make it wonderful in Zaporizhzhya!


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