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One member suggested that we should have a Group for each Language and a sub-group for each location, for instance Russian on the Right Bank and Russian on the Left Bank.

This was a good question and it made me articulate my own opinion:

Ning does not allow us to create sub-groups in this sense. From the perspective of our Group on Facebook, these are sub-groups, but in Ning they are all Groups (no sub-groups or super-groups). But for a different reason, I disagree with this suggestion even if it were possible on Ning.

First, my idea is that everyone controls their own group: Vetalek can have his, Christian Evangelicals can have theirs, 30 different schools in Kiev can each have their own native speaker club/group which would be a Group on Ning. Each Group on Ning can have its own Admin, a person who controls Members, etc. Each Group is responsible for itself.

Second, what if someone wants a Group for English Literature? I don't want to tell him that it must be a sub-group of English. I don't want to do any extra work at all. I just want him to set it up. I don't want a "rule" for this question as long as it is some kind of Language Exchange. There is no "rule" for people setting up a Group on Facebook and Facebook works fine.

Finally, I want a separate Group for Russian on the Left Bank for myself. I live on the Left Bank, and also I know that if I invite people who live near Darnitsya, Lesnaya, etc. they are more likely to come. If someday I stop going to the meeting in Lva Tolstovo because it is too big and too noisy, then I want my own Group. I don't want to be a sub-group of somebody else.


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